Jun 28, 2013

Unit 1 - Arts Award Silver - Rodney Peppe Meet the Artist

   Unit 1 - Arts Award Silver - Meet the Artist Rodney Peppe

What did I attend: 

Rodney Peppé Art exhibition and Meet the Artist Opportunity

Where did I attend it :
 at the Ruthin Art center , Wales

My Learning Log :

 On the first day of my visit to the Rodney Peppe Exhibition I  go tot a chance to briefly meet the artist and have a chat with him. He had a Meet the Artist talk the next day and said he was looking forward to seeing me there.

Very excited to get a chance to meet Rodney Peppe, so we are all set to stay the night in our campervan to get back to the exhibition for a second time tomorrow.

Back at the exhibition and lots of people have turned up to meet Rodney Peppe, lots of
illutration students, some already childrens book illustrators have travelled to meet him.
He walks around the whole exhibit to tell about his process and his stories.

it was great to see some of his first character design sketches and hear what he thought about when he created them.

He was happy to demonstrate some of the mechanisms on his automatons that we could not see before


he even got out some of the other items to demonstrate how they work , as with most animated automitons you cant really tell until they move


And the final highlight of my day 
 After asking for an autograph he asked whether he could see my sketchbook as he had seen me sketching at the exhibition earlier 

I was pretty shocked when he asked me and all i managed to say was "Um..Yeah sure." quickly. 

I looked through my sketches to see if i could find my best ones that I had in that notebook. 
When he did come over to see my sketchbook I showed him the drawings I had made based off of his art (Snapper, the cat etc). He told me "I had real character in my lines" that made me feel really proud afterwards all I could say at the time was "Mmm.." I hadn't really heard him. He looked through most of my sketchbook actually and managed to single out basically all the art I did based off of his. 
It was absolutely amazing and one of the best experiences of my life. 

My mum got a small video excerpt of our chat 
his final words he said to my mum where 
" Do encourage her, she has got real potential  especially as she has such character in her line" 

That made me feel very proud and encouraged .

Rodney Peppe Artists Interview Question & Answer Session

Who is Rodney Peppe ?
Rodney Peppe is a british author, artist and illustrator who made some of his tories into animated movies with the BBC.
He was born in England in 1934 and until today has written and illustrated over 80 books . 
He also creates automaton and animated toys. 
Two of Rodney Peppé's children's book series have been adapted for animated television.

You can read more in his wikipedia entry here 

Question: How did you get started in writing stories ?

Answer: First I made lots of collages using other peoples images and created picture books that way. Then one day I thought " I'd better write my own stories" and so I made a model to help me write it. That model was Henry the Elephant which turned into a picture book illustrated for younger children.

Question:  When you make your models, does the story that goes with the models come first or does the model ?

Answer:  I have the idea first, then build the model. As I build the model the ideas for a story start to come and I get more ideas as I start looking at it and get a feeling for the character.

Question:  What is your most favourite thing you made?

Answer : Huxley Pig and Henry the Elephant. Huxley because he is my most successful character and Henry because he is the first model I made , that I made into a character and because he is so much fun.

Question:  What do you think about today's cartoons ?

Answer:  The thing about todays cartoons is the violence. I don't like violence. All my stories dont have any violence in them , I don't think it is necessary in children's stories. My stories are about my characters adventures and although there is a counter character that often upsets the story line it never comes to violence and always resolves itself friendly and kindly in the end. 

Question: Do you have any advice for any young artists today?  

Answer: Practice drawing, try make a model to help you with your drawing of perspective and the telling of the story .

   Unit 1 - Arts Award Silver - Meet the Artist Rodney Peppe

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