Nov 29, 2012

Attending a live event Chichester Cathedral and Pallant House Art Gallery - Part B- Audience

Attending a live event Chichester Cathedral and  Pallant House Art Gallery - Part B - Audience

Me, My Mum, My best friend Ceri and Ceri's Mum went to Chichester Cathedral  and Pallant House Art Gallery.
First we went to Chichester Cathedral, while we were there we saw a statue/grave stone inside the cathedral of a bishop called Richard Durnford . there were a few of these statue/grave stone things around the cathedral and each one of them had animals round their feet. Richard Durnford had a dragon behind his feet biting his crook. We thought this might be symbolic but couldn't find any information at the cathedral (There were no guides present when we were there)

Front view of the dragons head.
Back view of the dragon.

Some sketches i made of the dragon, top left is a back view of the dragon, top right is a side view and bottom right is a cartoonised version of the dragon.

After the cathedral we went into the Pallant house art gallery.
After getting tickets for us all we went upstairs where the exhibitions were.

                              These are the tickets and leaflets we picked up at the reception before going upstairs
My favourite thing in all the galleries was a metal dog. I loved it because it was very original and inspiring to me.
Here is the front view of the dog.
Here is the side view. Your looking right into it's jaws !

Here's my sketch of the dog, I was pretty pleased with this because of how it bares quite I good likeness to the dog and i also liked how 3D the paw looked.

We all did sketches of the dog, here are all of ours together ! Ceri's is the top right, me mums is bottom right, Ceri's mums is bottom left and mine is top left.
In another room was this piece, i like the way the artist (Jean Dubuttet) used shapes and doodles to make this but so it is still viewable as a face. 

My sketch of Jean Dubuttet's painting.

One of the paintings i found interesting was one called "The Duenna"

This is "The Duenna". Sorry for the bad quality picture, it was hard to take the picture. I found this inspiring because the artist gave character to the objects he painted, such as the quill like object (Right)
I was inspired by this picture and made a sketch.

I sketched the quill from the Duenna i loved the quill because it looked a little like a dragon and it had like like things. By the way the thing at the bottom of the page here is a sketch i made of something else but did not have time to finish.

In a small gallery in the downstairs of Pallant house was a little exhibition of this kind of art. I honestly didn't like the art but liked the idea of scribbling a shape and seeing what you could turn it into. 
This cat is done in the same method as the dog above and the same artist whom i sadly forgot to note down the name of. 

On the whole the exhibitions were not my style but they had some things that i loved such as the quill and dog. It made a nice trip and is thoroughly interesting.



  1. Amazing review of our day!
    My Granny, after researching the dragon + bishop said that the bishop's dragon was just chosen randomly, there was no significance to the bishop and the animal at his feet.
    Really great review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ceri xxxx

    1. Thanks :D
      Ahh... Thats interesting..
      and thanks again !


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