Oct 23, 2012

Animation Experiments - Part A Arts Award

Animation Experiments - Part A Arts Award

Walk Cycle Animation Experiments

  •  I am trying to learn and improve my skills about animating walk cycles in humanoid creatures 
  • I experimented with animal walk cycles without much reference for fun and seeing if I could do it. I was fairly pleased with it. But the cat I was animating looked like it was limping. So I found a blog that had the frames of a walk cycle animation for two and four legged animals, which I found very helpful for reference. 

  • Here is the link to the blog. 

I used this picture while animating (For the walk cycle I did I used the top one called "Walk")

Walk Cycle Animation Lesson Sheet

This is my finished animation (Click picture below) 

Echo Walk Cycle by ~Echo-Art-Portfolio on deviantART

  • I like the lesson sheet because it shows me all the frames instead of just a few which does make it easier to make the animation smoother and less jumpy.
  • I also like that it shows more than one variation of walking/skipping/jumping sequences which I am hoping to try out next.


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