Oct 20, 2012

Trip to the Roman Section on the Museum of London

Field trip to the Roman Section on the Museum of London

entrance to the Museum of London

We planned:
-To go and find birds and wings inspiration

What we did

We studied the wings and birds we found in Roman art.

When we did it:
15th October 2012

Where we did it:

Roman Section at the Museum of London 

Why we did it

Because I want to hone my skills at drawing and study wing anatomy

Who did it:
Me and my Mum

What I saw today :

  • I saw a bird on a hair pin, used by roman women to pin their hair up, the bird was abstracted and really cute

Roman Bird Pin

Here is the drawing sketch I did based on it

  • A picture with mythical animals, most of them had wings.I learned that this type of art is called a mural when its painted directly onto a wall.

It was to hard for me to take a picture because it was high up and bad lighting.

 But i have a drawing i did of some of the different types of wings

Drawing of the wings from wall mural
  • in the next room I saw a small bird on wall paper in a roman-english living room re-make.

                                            Part of a reconstruction of a Roman-English living room. 

A close up of the Roman bird drawing

Here is the drawing i did based on this
I noticed the basic shape of the bird was a line with a half circle not quite reaching the bottom end of the line.
I liked the way they abstracted it and found a way to make a bird into two simple lines. 

  • In a cabinet i saw a small clay statue of a dove. I drew it first with incorrect lining 
Due to not paying attention to how some of the wing and tail lines connected

To the far left is the clay dove.

Here are the drawing sketches .  
The one to the left is the first one and the one to the right is the improved second.
I think the second bird looks a lot more like the statue. I had also drawn the beak wrong in the first picture and improved on that in the second. 

Here is me sketching the above picture.

  • A bronze swan statue, it may have been used like those lions feet on footstools only this one is a swan. That's what the people who found it thought anyway. This was one of my favourite birds we found because to me it looked majestic. 

 a picture of the bronze statue ..it is quite small

Here is a drawing sketch i did based on it

  • An abstracted wooden carving of a bird by a boy.

  • This was at an art exhibition outside the Roman Gallery 
                                                                                                                                                                                  • .

. Some people would look at it thinking or saying it was a bad child's carving that has been smoothed by an adult. I would say to this: if you people can enjoy a huge canvas painted solely red then you might want to take back what you said.
I like this because its so simple, it portraits the basic shape of a bird without going into detail. 



What I liked/found interesting: 
-I loved everything about the birds and animals I saw. I found the uses and histories of all of the objects/paintings/drawings interesting. They all had some meaning.

What I learned:
- I learned to see the simple shapes in the abstract birds and started learning by observation how to abstract. And some wing anatomy.

What I disliked:
-I loved all the art. Wait I wish I had had a little more time to study them all..
Oh well hopefully I'll get more time next time.

What I hope to try out in my artwork:
- The abstracting techniques I saw.. And the symbolic drawing. 

How I applied what inspired me today 

My taking a picture of a tissue shaped like a bird we found

Here is the tissue that looks like an abstract bird

Abstract Bird- Found Art

I liked this because it was so random to find a bird shaped tissue just lying around on the street.
It was kinda ironic because we had been studying birds that day.

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