Oct 22, 2012

How to Write- Part A Take Part Art Awards Bronze

How to Write - Part A Take Part Art Awards Bronze

I watched a program on how to write creative writing, some famous writers and poets including Caroline Bird, Philip Pullman and Michael Morpurgo show their writers secrets .
My personal favourite of these was Caroline Bird, she had this randomness and spontaneous-ness about her. And her method of writing poetry was very effective to me. Also extremly enjoyable.

Caroline Bird reading aloud.
She to me is one of those people you'd want to have a ten hour talk with.

Another one of the writers mentioned in the video was Philip Pullman author of "The Golden Compass" and "His Dark Materials". I myself have only watched the movie but i would like to read the books because often the books are different to the movies. .
He said that writing fiction books (As he does) is lazy because he can't be bothered to do the research for real life themed books. I honestly found this quite amusing.

Philip Pullman during the video read half a page of "His Dark Materials"I honestly never imagened he looked like this, mind you i had no idea what he looked like. I really loved the reading and the story and wanted to find out what had happened before the page he started reading. He said writing what you want not what the last best seller was all about would be quite beneficial if you were planning on selling because that's what will come most true to you.

Michael Morpurgo the author of "Private Peaceful" and "The War Horse" (I'm wanting to watch "The War horse" because of this video)had some awesome advice and he was probably the one i found most beneficial to my own writing.
He said that you should throw out all your ideas not regard for spelling just get to idea down.

Michael Morpurgo explaining his way of writing.Before i watched this video i had never heard of this man and only briefly of his book "The War Horse", but now i really want to read or watch it now. I'm not so sure about Private Peaceful though, I don't really like stories about the first or second world war.

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  1. really interesting, not heard of Caroline Bird before, will look her up, thanks for sharing


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