Oct 20, 2012

My Arts Award Bronze Level Plan

My Arts Award Bronze Level Plan

For my Arts Award Bronze Level study I want to improve my anatomical knowledge hoping later on to illustrate books and make lifelike animations. My main art mediums are drawing, painting, animating and creative writing. I would like to create an art portfolio showing my learning and study process.

  •  Take part: I hope to take part in workshops on drawing  anatomy, learning new software techniques for animation and making comic strips. I would also like to go to museums that show the skeletal structures of animals so i can sketch from them and take photos.

  • Be the audience: I'd like  to go to the cartoon musuem in London to see their next exhibition. I'm hoping to visit some art galleries too.

  • Art heros: I hope to study and interview some of my favourite artists, learning their techniques, a little more about their lives and how they got started.

  • Arts apprenticeship: I would like to help people with their anatomy, especially with animals  or help them cartoon realistic animals, maybe give some constructive criticism and teach in any way I can.

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