Apr 24, 2013

Arts Award Part D - Passing on My Art Skill

Arts Award Part D - Passing on My Art Skill 

  • what I have decided to teach and why

- As part of my arts award part D passing on my art skills I decided to make a step by step tutorial on how to draw a cartoon cat. 
- There are a lot of people who think they can't draw and I wanted to help them see that they could with a little help and instruction. 
- I thought I would demo a step by step cat tutorial both with a video so people could see and pause it at anytime to take it slow. I also made a step by step instruction sheet to hand out. 

  • where I am going to teach it 
- I put my tutorial online so that my friends could access it even though they don't live close by. 
- I also made the instruction template downloadable so they could have more than one sheet of necessary.

  • how I am going to teach it 
I recorded myself drawing the under-sketch and the line-art 
- the under-sketch helps with anatomical difficulties and shows the process of developing a design which plain line-art lacks
- I used a digital drawing software called Pain-tool SAI to draw the tutorial and recorded my drawing with a screen capturing software called Screen Virtuoso. 
- This allows people to get a good close up view.
- the line-art itself shows the finished product and neat lines

Here is the Video Tutorial 

Here is the Tutorial Template 

  • write a review of how the it went 

- I gave out the link to the tutorial video and the download of the instruction sheet to a few people who wanted to learn how to draw a cartoon cat.
- I made sure that the video was accessible in youtube because both macs and window PC can view it easily
- I also asked whether people would be able to take a photo of themselves doing the tutorial so that I could showcase it here.

What worked : 
- everybody seemed to really enjoy it and produced a good looking cartoon cat
- people were pleased with their results and even got quite excited at seeing their finished drawings and having them recognised as a cat. 

What did not work:
- one participant seems to misunderstand the term step by step instruction and drew each frame separately instead of all- together .
- I think I may need to specify that more in my next workshop tutorial.

What I enjoyed: 
- I enjoyed seeing people excited at their finished work.
- I enjoyed being able to help people to enhance their drawing skills and in some cases draw even though they don't usually like to. 
- I was quite pleased that I could teach someone how to draw a cartoon cat.

My art students busy at work. It was funny to think that I was the teacher and they the learners. 

Feedback for the Tutorial : 

age 10 

I liked the way I could follow the steps from the beginning and then I ended up with a drawing that really looked like a cat. Great tutorial, I had fun thanks.

age 16 

Drawing cats has always been one of my favourite subjects but I never attempted a cartoon cat. Somehow I find it easier to draw realistic ones when looking at a model but making up my own is hard. I loved how easy the steps were set out and I could add details to make the design my own. Loved it, Thanks.

age 16 

I am not much for an artist but gave it a go anyway. I was surprised how easy and clear the instructions were and I actually drew a passable cat. Thanks for the tutorial, I will have a go at more drawing now. 

age 14 
I love cartoons and this kitty is just so cute. I loved how mine came out. Thanks for letting me try it out.

age 15
This is my first try at drawing cartoon cats.I really had good fun doing it and followed the step by step instructions. Can't wait for the next workshop

age 12
I tried drawing it with pencil so I could do some erasing to make all the parts fit. It was not so easy at first and I gave it a couple of goes before I got the hang. Enjoyed it though. 

Drawings by Chloe, Daisy , David, Prudence and Ben
( and a little guest artist age 3 in the top right hand corner  who got to use stickers on the template :3 ) 

Drawing by Ju 

( evidence of what did not work - step by step instruction missed) 

I hope you enjoyed reading about my experience of passing on my art skill. I hope to do it again at some point in the future.


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