Jan 25, 2013

Arts Award (Part C) Celebrating the life of my Art Hero Dr.Seuss

Dr.Seuss has captured the imagination of kids and adults around the world and has influenced many artists including me.
He inspires me through his light hearted and imaginative style and his flowing poetry.

  Inspired by Dr Seuss - Arts Award Presentation on the Life of Dr Seuss


>>>Script for video<<<

Hi there i’m doing my Arts award arts hero on Dr.Seuss and i made a project board for it.

·        Dr.Seuss’s full name was Theodor Seuss Giesel, he was born 1904 Springfield MA on the second of March he died September fourth 1991. He lived in America all his life but his mother was German so he was German by origin. Dr.Seuss learned how he rhymed in his books from his mother singing him rhyming songs when he was younger. A bit later in life he managed to collect over 500 hats and if he ever invited people round for dinner he’d make the guests bring a hat or wear one of his.

·        For every job Dr.seuss ever had like advertising which was one of his jobs or making cartoons for the military which was also one of his jobs he always found a way to incorporate drawing into it, thats probably one of the ways he got his creativeness. He joined the Military and still managed to draw.

·        My favourite of his books is Green Eggs and Ham its just so funny.

·        His post famous books are Green Eggs and Ham and the Cat in the Hat.

·        The cat  in the hat was one of the things that made him very famous and one of his first books.
·        Dr.Seuss is one of the most iconic childrens writers and he helped me learning to read when i was younger.

·        Dr.Seuss is by far one of my favourite children’s authors, i still do actually read some of his books but not so much as i used too.
·        His Rhymes just seem to flow they’re not stiff.. They’re really interesting to read because they’re funny and really enjoyable.
·        I also absolutely love his art style, its just like he puts the pen on the paper draws a line and then makes something with it. He doesn’t set out to draw things thats how he designed most of his characters.
·        His colouring style is really really hard.. I actually wonder how he manages to colour with such precision, did he use a printing press or something to colour them?

·        He also made statues so he was an author a sculptor and an artist.

·        Dr.Seuss likes to stick to one colour scheme in his drawings. You know how to Grinch is green, Dr.Seuss’ friend who was working on the Grinch animation with him actually had to persuade Dr.Seuss to let the Grinch be green with yellow eyes because Dr.Seuss always stuck to a colour scheme. On my project board i used his colour schemes.

·        Dr.Seuss never wrote or drew anything dark or disturbing .
·        His art style is really hard to replicate, I tried with a few drawings on my project board and i’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.


This is the sketch i drew for the Crandle. I wanted to see if i could try and re-create his art in my style.  

After that I used the base idea of the Crandle and tried to make a character based of it. I made some rough sketches the start off with. 

I outlined the cats and tried using the style of shading that he used. It was harder for me to do this because i was using a computer drawing program as opposed to pen and ink as Dr.Seuss used. 

These are the cats that i drew in the end. The bottom one has candles on his head because he's a fire Kumi wanna be.  A Kumi is a species i made up, they are fox like and each Kumi has some sort of element on the tips of their tails and ears (ex. Water, Fire, Earth ect)

This was the final result. I tried to incorporate his style into these, taking ideas that he had and enhancing my style with it. Also taking things i liked and using them.  

Here are some coloured drawings of the cats that i did.

Here we go, neither of them have names yet.
I experimented a bit more with the shading technique and found a way to erase the black lines

I drew a side view and a front view for this. This one is fullbody this time.

I really enoyed finding out more about one of my favorite artists and hope to do more things like this.

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