Jan 22, 2013

Art Portfolio Diary- Trip to London Pre raphaelites Exhibition Tate Britain

Art Portfolio Diary- Trip to London Pre Raphaelites Exhibition Tate Britain -PART A - Take Part,

What: Pre Raphaelites exhibition

Where: Tate Britain- London- England
When: Saturday 1st if December
Why: For learning about the Pre raphaelite art and inspiration.

" Ophelia"
 Ophelia is a painting by British artist Sir John Everett Millais

REVIEW of my Day:

It was awesome because the Pre raphaelites were amazingly realistic in their art also they went completely off what people thought was art in those days. Also the anatomy was amazing it made me want to draw humans more. The whole experience was extremely inspiring and I plan to study them more.

My favourite artist was William Holman Hunt and my favourite piece was by him and called "The Scapegoat". It had a religious meaning to it, in one culture people used to send out one goat with all the sins of the village into a bleak place where it would die. Before they sent it out they would tie a piece of red cloth to its head so it would turn white in the sun which would mean the sins of the village were forgiven. I loved this painting because of its bleak and hopeless feeling and it was one if the only paintings which had an animal as its main subject.

One of my other favourites was a series of three paintings by Edward Burns Jones they were called "The Rock of Doom", " The Doom Fulfilled" and "The Baleful Head".
These paintings were telling the story of Perseus ,a Greek hero , who saved andromeda ,a Greek princess , from a sea monster. I haven't read that story but I'd like too.

I loved these paintings because I love Greek mythology and I've been listening to " Percy Jackson : the lighting thief" and Perseus is Percy's full name the Greek Perseus is his namesake so I was interested to see what the Greek Perseus had done. Also in "The Doom Fulfilled" you got to see Perseus fighting the sea monster which was awesome because I love dragons and sea serpents.The serpent in the painting

                                                                     The Rock of Doom

                                                                     The Doom Fulfilled

The Baleful Head 

My other favourite is "The Woodsmans's Daughter" by John Everett Milais.
This painting is funny and cute it has a nervous air. The interactions between the boy and girl remind me of some role plays I did with some of my online friends. I also like the subject matter and where tits set because I love the forest and nature. The whole thing captivates the emotion nd is very well done with the father of the little girl chopping some shrubs behind them.

Why do I think the artist painted this ?

The woodsmans daughter: For me the message here is " Watch out for your crushes father".]


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