Jan 22, 2013

Art inspired by Dr.Seuss (Part C)

Art inspired by Dr.Seuss (Part C)

                                                         Dr.Seuss project board:

                                              I decided to make a project board to celebrate Dr.Seuss's life and art
instead of a video or any other method. 
I started off by doing some research on Dr.Seuss, I need something to put on there after all.
Next I made the base sketches for the parts of the project board. 
Below i'm just drawing the sketches.

Then I coloured the sketches to pay around with colour schemes, trying to stick with the colours Dr.Seuss used. 

After that i added some of the art I did based on his art and showed the process of how I got the inspiration and used it. 

Next I played around with placing until I was happy then I refined the base sketches colouring them accordingly.

Now off to do the final presentation board ! 

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