Jan 22, 2013

Art inspired by Dr.Seuss (Part C)

Art inspired by Dr.Seuss 
Arts Award (Part C)

Dr.Seuss has captured the imagination of kids and adults around the world and has influenced many artists including me.
He inspires me through his light hearted and imaginative style and his flowing poetry.

I have done some artwork based on one of his species called the Crandle (from Dr.Seuss's Sleep Book)

This is the sketch i drew for the Crandle. I wanted to see if i could try and re-create his art in my style.  

After that I used the base idea of the Crandle and tried to make a character based of it. I made some rough sketches the start off with. 

I outlined the cats and tried using the style of shading that he used. It was harder for me to do this because i was using a computer drawing program as opposed to pen and ink as Dr.Seuss used. 

These are the cats that i drew in the end. The bottom one has candles on his head because he's a fire Kumi wanna be.  A Kumi is a species i made up, they are fox like and each Kumi has some sort of element on the tips of their tails and ears (ex. Water, Fire, Earth ect)

This was the final result. I tried to incorporate his style into these, taking ideas that he had and enhancing my style with it. Also taking things i liked and using them.  

Here are some coloured drawings of the cats that i did.

Here we go, neither of them have names yet.
I experimented a bit more with the shading technique and found a way to erase the black lines

I drew a side view and a front view for this. This one is fullbody this time.

I really enoyed finding out more about one of my favorite artists and hope to do more things like this.

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