Jan 22, 2013

Art Portfolio Diary British museum London - Mesopotamia Gallery

Art Portfolio Diary - Trip to the British museum London - Mesopotamia Gallery

What: Mesopotamian gallery.

Where: Mesopotamian gallery-British museum-London-England

When:4th of December 2012

I was studying Mesopotamia and wondered what I could learn from the British museum.We went to the Museum to study up on the area because we read a book called "Treasure of the Tigris"set in Mesopotamia and wondered if we could find out anything else about the place.

What I liked/found interesting:
It was interesting to get an overall view on the culture and art.

What I learned:

I liked the way they stylised their anatomy like the Egyptians did.

My Fave's and how  I applied what inspired me today 
My favourites were the copper lions that hung in a case near the entrance of the gallery.
There were two adults and two cubs. 

The cubs faces were amazing because they looked lifelike without looking overly detailed and the eyes had no pupils which gave them a hopeless feeling, because of this i based a character of the cubs and named it Crackle. I still need to finalise the design though.


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